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Boat Repair in South West Florida

As service manager of a large marina in South West Florida, I see many failures. Some of these fiasco’s can easily be avoided by a simple preventative maintenance to your vessel.

We have gorgeous waterways here in SW Florida and whether you are a fisherman or just like to cruise around in your boat, it is so important to keep your boat in tip top running condition. There is nothing worse than planning a day on the water with your friends and family, you pack up the boat, look snazzy in your new captains hat and viola, the boat is not running properly.

As a boat owner, boat repair is a must. Whether you are running your boat in fresh or salt water you must realize both bodies of water are corrosive to your vessel.

So what are some of things you can do to keep your boat running smoothly? If I can inform my customer of one thing to do to better keep their water craft in proper running condition, it would be keep an eye on all your fluids level,.  These fluids include engine oil, lower gear case oil and water or coolant levels.

If you are not sure where the fluids are located you can either check your owner’s manual for the type of oil recommended for your vessel as well as where they are located.  If you do not have an owner’s manual, you may be able to find the information online.  If you are opting to go online, just remember not everything you read online is true. The best thing would be to find a reputable dealer that can perform all boat repairs keeping your boat in fine running condition.

So have fun out there, wear your sunscreen and enjoy a day on the water here in beautiful southwest Florida.

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Boat Being Put in the Water at Marina 31